Giving Thanks Orchard Sampler


A homespun gift of five delicious jams sent to your families far away. Made here in our Western New York countryside from the fruits gathered in our orchards and handmade in our kitchens using our family’s heritage recipes. Five of our favorite jams cooked from this year’s excellent harvest:

  • Blackberry Blueberry Jam is a newer flavor tat encompasses the excitement and freshness of summer.

  • Raspberry Pear Preserves are made with our creamy Bartlett pears at their perfect ripeness in mid fall, blended with our autumn red raspberries.

  • Cinnamon Honey Apple Spread - our tangy apple butter with a hint of whipped honey - a favorite of both gourmands and grandchildren.

  • Plum Elegant One can taste September in every spoonful …the kitchen fragrant with plums in the kettle and the last of the season’s warmth in the orchard. This ‘elegant’ is a blend of plums spiced just a bit with cinnamon and cloves - perfect to accompany a holiday turkey.

  • Cherry Almond Preserves The American Mont Morency tart cherry is one of the remarkable delicacies of the world. Perfectly complimented by almond this preserve transcends the everyday.

These exquisite preserves are nestled in our long, Italian apple paper gift box, tied with moss green gros grain ribbons and decorated with the gatherings of the autumn landscape. Gift Box with five 6.5 oz. jams