Honey Bee Box


(shippable - available only through June 30th)
Standing beneath our cherry trees in full bloom on a sunny spring day, if you are quiet, you can hear the soft hum of bees darting in and out of blossoms. A fruit grower’s dream! The green orchard grass is dotted with sunny dandelions like a painterly living carpet at our feet, and indeed, the land is full of hope - something which we need right now! Meadow daisy and honeybee watercolor paper and spritely yellow satin ribbons brighten this beautiful early summer keepable storage box. Tucked inside are the honey
treasures from our farm -

  • A jar of our Orchard Honey (9 oz.)
  • Cinnamon Honey Applespread (10 oz.)
        The honey from our farm which is whipped and folded into
        our classic apple butter. 
    A signature Hurd Orchards delight.
  • 10 Dandelion Honey Shortbread Cookies
        Amelia gathers dandelions from the meadow and fills cup
        after cup, blending them into her honey-rich shortbread
  • Summer House Natural Milk and Honey Oatmeal Soap
        Summer House soaps are handmade for us on Cape Cod.