Late Spring Box of Goodness


When we reach toward the pantry shelf in late spring we are delighted with the treasures made from last year’s harvest that brighten every meal.  These are the treats that make a meal worth eating - sparkling berry flavors and homey applesauce and sophisticated black currants to add vibrance to any roast or savory.

Our Late Spring Box of Goodness contains three jars:

Northern Spy Applesauce (16 oz)- An heirloom and a favorite - this classic applesauce embraces one with a sense of calm and security. Applesauce is the epitome of

Raspberry Rhubarb Preserves (9 oz)- Cousin Annie’s favorite flavor - Piquant rhubarb - just unfurling it’s thick green leaves and ruby stalks - adds zest to elegant red raspberries. The two flavors together are breathtaking. Try these preserves over ice cream - or add a spoonful on top of morning pancakes alongside sweet maple.

Black Currant Black Cherry Berry  (10 oz) - Our most unique preserve - the magic of this combination is that it is brilliant as an accompaniment to any savory.  Try this with grilled chicken, or with goat or feta foccacia - or topping pork chops - or just as a sunny morning spoonful to flavor your yogurt or buttered toast.


Choose your favorite variation of this box's contents - 

Late Spring Box of Goodness (as described above) .... $35.00

Double box ( 2 jars of each - they are yummy!) .... $65.00

Three jars of Northern Spy Applesauce .... $35.00

Three jars of Raspberry Rhubarb Preserves .... $35.00