The Farmer's Pantry


Our Farmer’s Pantry Collection includes three succulent treasures delivered each month ready to tuck in your larder and enjoy.

The kettles and the ovens of our farm kitchens hum all season producing delicacies in age old tradition. Jars and cookies, breads and pickles, sauces and condiments - each with its own story and its own piquant flavor are carefully stirred and bottled and baked by hand capturing the wholesome harvest of the earth. Our pantry shelves are lined with colorful and flavorful treasures ready to enhance to new heights even the simplest meal.

Order a 12 month or 6 month collection.

A shipping charge will be added to your order, or
you may pick up your boxes at Hurd Orchards
(Please call our market at 585-638-8838 to place an order with a pick-up option). 

In an effort to deliver our finest product, we reserve the right to substitute products with a product of equal or higher value. Thank you for your understanding.

The Farmer's Pantry Boxes

December - Holiday
Holiday Sampler Recipe Booklet
Cherry Noel
    for your holiday turkey or ham
Plum Berry Preserves
    plum pie and raspberry jam together in a jar
Christmas Cookies
Ships December 15th-24th
Contents: Cookies, 2 Preserves and recipe booklet

January - A Winter Warmup
Mulling Spices
    for steeping in a kettle of winter hot cider
Old Fashioned Chili Sauce
    use for a winter stew after a brisk walk in the country
Cranberry Orange Applesauce
    winter flavors for the spirit and the palette alike
Blackberry Blueberry Preserves
    memories of summer abundance
Ships January 10th-15th
Contents: Mulling Spice Sachet, 1 Applesauce, 1 Chili Sauce, 1 Jam

February -Fancy Flavors for Valentine’s Day
    elegant berries rich with old world liqueurs
Raspberry Framboise Preserves
Black Raspberry Cassis
Blackberry Chambord
Ships February 1st - 5th
Contents: 3 Fancy Preserves

March - Early Spring
Molasses Cookies
    wholesome flavor for a blustery day
Home Jarred Peaches
    sunshine in a jar to brighten a windy March day
Fresh from the tap Maple Syrup
    from deep in the woods on a snowy day
    by the Merle family - our favorite sugar bush
Ships March 15th-20th
Contents: Cookies, 1 Canned Peach, 1 Maple Syrup

April - Blossom Time
Rhubarb Conserve
    Betty Hurd’s recipe, age old springtime conserve to accompany a savory dish
Raspberry Rhubarb Preserves
    rhubarb greets us with cheer as the first lovely plant in springtime
Jam-Filled Shortbread Cookies
    for your spring high tea
Ships April 15th-20th
Contents: 2 Jams, Cookies

May - Spring is Here!
Spring Salad Duo with recipe booklet
- Lemon Thyme Vinegar
- Spring Savory Vinegar
    the first greens are up! enjoy your first fresh salad of the year with the best dressing 
    there is to make - try serving these on your a picnic by the lilac bush

Lemon Squares
    light and springy, lemony goodness
Ships May 15th-20th
Contents: 2 Herbal Vinegars, Lemon Squares

June - Fresh from the Harvest
Strawberry Rhubarb Preserves!
    a classic - made from the first berries of the year
Chive Blossom Vinegar
     the herb garden hums with bees and blossoms as the
     mauve-colored chives bloom in June’s warm sun
     yielding us the best dressing recipes of the year
Early Summer Harvest Preserves
Ships June 25th-30th Contents: 1 Herbal Vinegar, 2 Jams
an Orleans County heritage recipe combining the late June fruits:
the strawberry, the red currant, the tart cherry and the red raspberry

July: Cherry and Berry Harvest and Summertime Picnics
Sour Cherry Almond Preserves
Black Raspberry Black Cherry Preserves
Blueberry Merlot Preserves
Ships July 15ht-20th
Contents: 3 Berry Jams

August: Preparing the Harvest for Winter
Late Summer Harvest Preserves
    peach and apricot with a dash of orange
Aunt Francie’s Bread and Butter Pickles
    Aunt Francie made these pickles every year for the entire family.
    We savor the flavor and look forward to every great sandwich!
Peach Amaretto Jam
    The elegance of ripe golden peaches in the hot August sun
Ships August 20th-30th
Contents: 1 jar Pickles, 2 Jars Preserves

September: Autumn Abundance
Blackberry Raspberry Jam
    end of summer berries in a jar
Plum Elegant Preserves
    Betty Hurd’s September gourmet recipe
Pumpkin Cookies
Ships September 15th-20th
Contents: Cookies, 2 Jams

October: Song of the Orchardist
Pumpkin Bread with Cream Cheese Frosting
Cinnamon Honey Apple Spread
    a Hurd Orchards classic
Pear Almond Preserves
    simply delicious - made with our creamy Bartlett pears and a dash of almond
Ships October 15th-20th
Contents: Pumpkin Bread, 2 Preserves

November - Thankful Menus
Sour Cherry Conserve
    Kendall New York 1920 recipe - a stunning combination
    of tart cherry, orange, walnut and raisin. A brilliant accompaniment
Green Tomato Mincemeat
    recipes for an old world mincemeat tart and appetizer spread
Black Currant Black Cherry and Berry
    remarkable, deep and complex flavor that gives any holiday meal zest
Ships November 15th-20th
Contents: 3 jars Fruit Accompaniments